Sex Position In Pregnancy - Sex Position In Islam

The question is from all unmarried, married males and females that does muslim female want to have sex in only specific type of positions (usually missionary) or they accept and like other positions too like doggy style. Is it ok for them if husband want to have sex from different positions? Keep in mind that the background of the question is muslim and pakistani culture in which sex is not discussed alot.

It is highly obliged if the answers would be given according to the pregnancy point of view and according to Islam.

Sex Position In Islam And Pregnancy

This is just because having sex without missionary position is considered as asinful attitude.Specially the "women on top" is considered as sinful.Which is wrong view. Secondaly our women are not so confident to perform the sex in women on top position.So in missionary sex position all things should be done by man only. Also the boldness of women during different sex positions is also not liked in conservative society. So due to all these reasons pakisani and muslim couples are restricted to missionary only. In Islam there is no restriction about different sex positions and a Muslim couple can enjoy sex in various positions as liked by them.

Sex Positions In Islam - Mubashrat Ka Islami Tareeqa:

In islaam According to Qura'an Majeed The women (wife) is called as a field (khaiti) for her husband.and it is well stated that "or tumhari biwian tumhare liye khaiti ki tarah hain pas tum jis tarah se chaho in mein Ao". But remember sex in other then vagina is strictly rejected and prohibited. (Wallah Subhana wa Ta'ala Alamo)

Sex Position In Islam And Pregnancy

Sex Ka Tariqa: Different Position Of Sex in Islam
yes, women usually like to have sex in different position. sex in only one position can easily bore them. due to similarity they may not achieve orgasm. but this depends on the husband b/c in our society, sex is felt and percieved as the whole and sole 'field of men'. else the lady should be quite bold enough and mentally+visionary strong to make her husband realize this fact. In Islam however; there is full freedom to adopt any sex position during intercourse. However; during pregnancy as per medical point of view sex position should be specific and un harmful.

Sex Position In Pregnancy - Sex Position In Islam

Now-a-days,girls are much more confident and they may want to have sex in different position .It is always fun to give female the command of a man and sometimes vice-versa.Of course,Humans get bored of a same thing,as you cannot change wife (unless you dnt have more than 1),we should change position. Simply.....we see her at a new angle and enjoy it.

Islamically it has been cleared from the Quran that any body may have any position during sex a Hadith is quoted below as under:

Similarly, Hazrat Abdullah Bin Abbas R.A. narrated that at one day; Hazrat Umar Bin Khattab R.A. came to Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH and said, “Oh Messenger of Allah! I've destroyed myself! Allah's Messenger PBUH asked: What cause you to say this? Umar R.A.  Replied: I've changed the method of my intercourse tonight. (i.e., he approached his wife from the back, but in the proper place). Allah's Messenger PBUH did not comment on the issue (as he doesn't have any jurisdiction to say). Allah then revealed to His Messenger PBUH, on the spot, the above verse in Sura al-Baqara (223): 

Sex In Pregnancy In Islam:

As it has already been stated that there in no restriction in Islam as far as sex positions are concerned. Also Islam doesn't have any objection of position in pregnancy. However; medically man on top position would be harmful during pregnancy due to the direct weight impact over tummy of wife and hence would be harmful for baby. Therefore; it is better to avoid other position rather than Missionary during pregnancy. Doctor should also be consulted in this regard.

Sex Positions In Pregnancy

why  not  we  share our  experiences  with  various  positions? is  it possible  here? (Is it allowed Islamically?). Isn't better to share about the position in pregnancy from our own experience?
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