Penis Problems, Penis Weakness, Soft Eriction

Now i want to discuss about some of the penis problems which is little serious but many peoples specially in countries like India and Pakistan have misconceptions about penis size.Upto 4 inch of penis is enough to satisfying the women,however 3 inch of penis is also enough.It depends on the women,if she watches porn movies then u cant satisfy  ur women because ,in the pornographic films the penis size increased articficially and when the women see it ,she thinks that all is real thing.So the watching of pornographic movies for womens is also harmful due to its negative physchological effects.Well the hardness of the penis is little problem ,but when we make
intercourse the penis will become hardens automatically.However if the penis gets not much harder ,even if u get full erictions ,then this problem can easily solve by doing this steps.

1)Nine teaspoon of olive oil,two teaspoon oil of  nigella seeds (kalonji oil),7 teaspoon of  fish oil.Use it daily for the massage of penis and take care about massage with slowly and carefully for only five minutes.
2)Take one indegenous egg (desi egg) and separate egg yolk and in the white portion mix one teaspoon of nigella seeds (kalonji) and eat after awake in the morning which is called nihar monh and take every day for one month.After this two tips ,your penis will become so harder.
3) Regular massage of goat milk on your penis will helpful in making penis thinkness.
5) Regular Mustard Oil (sarsu) massage is also better for penis health and make penis hardens.
6) Three to five drops of mustard oil should be mix with one teaspoon of sesame oil (til ka tail)  and massage regularly clockwise and anticlocwise.It helps in premature ejaculation problems and make penis strong.

Soft And Weak Penis , How To Make a Penis Harder ,And Hard Erictions:
Nitric oxide is the natural compound which is crucial for a stronger erection in fact; it's needed to get an erection in the first place! If you don't have enough of it, you won't get one. Increasing your nitric oxide levels, is one of the keys to peak sexual wellness.

So what does nitric oxide do exactly?

When you are sexually stimulated messages are transmitted to the nerve endings in the blood vessels which feed the penis with blood and nitric oxide is secreted ion the walls. When this occurs, the blood vessels start to relax, then they expand and an increased flood of blood enters and pools in the penis.

The end result is of course an erection.

It's simply the key to a stronger erection and you need it. Problem is as we age nitric oxide levels decline and this can result in erection problems.

So How Do You get it naturally?

There are several natural sources which you can use and let's start with one of the best.


Is produced naturally in the body and is a non essential amino acid and is known as natural Viagra

It has a key role in producing nitric oxide and also declines with age.

You can get it as a supplement and it works.

In a controlled test, over 80% of men who had erection problems before supplementation, reported better, stronger, harder erections, as well as more desire and more satisfying sex, after just 2 weeks of supplementation.

L arginine is an essential natural cure for erection problems and you can combine it with some other herbs for even greater effect.

Horny Goat Weed

This herb will not only help you enhance nitric oxide levels, it also helps increase testosterone as well. In addition, it increases energy and reduces stress - two known passion killers.


This herb again, helps to increase nitric oxide levels but also improves blood circulation which is another cause of erection problems. You need plenty of blood flowing into the genitals for sex and his herb helps you achieve it.

Another excellent couple of circulatory herbs are outlined below.

Cistanche Bark, has a reputation for improving blood flow, increasing energy and acting as an anti aging supplement. It is taken to reinforce the vital function of kidneys and the sexual organs and helps to induce laxation, for the treatment of impotence, premature ejaculation in men.

Ginkgo Biloba improves blood flow and oxygen, while its anti-oxidant action helps protect the blood vessels. Part of its anti-oxidant action helps enhance the half-life of the endothelium relaxation factor; this is a key element in ensuring a stronger, harder erection is obtained through increased blood flow.

Get them all for Harder Erections !

So there you have it some great sources of nitric oxide which can not only top up levels of this vital compound - but also increase blood flow, testosterone levels and energy which all help to increase libido.

You can get the above combination in many herbal sex pills and the herbs outlined above, if taken in sufficient quantity, are proven to give you a stronger harder erection, as well as increasing sex drive.
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